[arch-general] Automatic File Associations Alloting

Jayesh Badwaik jayesh.badwaik90 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 05:15:07 EST 2011

One can use defaults.list file in /usr/share/applications to associate.
But it is one hell of a job.  Especially when C header is different from c

The problem is mainly that for the application to overwrite 100s of file
association wrongly take no time. For me to restore them back is a hell of
a time. That being said, I tried to keep a list of my custom file associations
but then I install some other app, which then does it again. But this time, it
also adds new associatiosn which I actually need, and then I have to
run a script
to filter out what I want and what I don't. Should it be that difficult?

Also, the defaults are I guess quiet wrong.

> Also, looking at this file, in both Debian and Ubuntu, I found out that
> is not what I'd want on my system, since I don't have some of the
> applications associated with some files in these distros. What worked
> great for me, was to take the files from both distros, compare them and
> come up with my own defaults.list [2].

Right on. A bigger problem with the defaults is as such.
For all images file, the default is GIMP if it is installed. I mean
really?? Everyone
 wants to edit the images? And again, it would have been no problem. But
gimp just takes so long to load as compared to some other app such as
gwenview etc

Then for folder/directory, konqueror is the app. Again really??? Why
the hell was dolphin invented for?
For pdf files guess who? GIMP again!! What the hell!!! Who uses gimp
to read  a PDF anyway?
Give me evince. Or okular or even XPDF but Gimp?? Why Arch Why??

Emacs for all text files is what I have found on other distros too..
Its somewhat sad (myself being a vim user ;) ) but i guess that is emacs fault
and is packaging problem.

What I was thinking was that there should be something out of this mess.
I install a new text editor to try out and I am left with a default mess???
This situation is quiet unavoidable on other distributions as they install
a lot of things automatically. However, in Arch, we install minimalistic things
and hence, I guess, we can find a solution within the philosophy.

And I believe, it is as follows.
1. Get the defaults right for the DE. I guess they are and other apps
invade their space.
but still this should be the first checklist. It is highly subjective.
So, doesn't
really matter but seriously, konqueror for folder/directory is too much.

2. Here we assume that a Archer (the one who uses Arch) installs only
what he wants.
So, the package can only add to the file association table. It cannot
change already existing entries
in it. I guess its a simple script. Its just that instead of me using
it everytime, the package does it for me.

3. Sometimes though, you might want the new application to actually
take over all the things.
In which case, we can have some sort of program which manages file
associations and kind of runs either
during the package installation or can be run manually after it. Just
like ld is run.

I am thinking of writing a small program to do so. I'll let you know
how I am progressing. Right
now I only have a design in my mind and I have some exams coming up in
three-four days.
So after I am done with them, I would put my plans into action. I can
post my plans
and if they are any good, we can try developing something. I haven't
got time right now
so I cannot even make the docs.

Cheers and Regards
Jayesh Vinay Badwaik
Electronics and Communication Engineering

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