[arch-general] Re: pacman new generation

Nicolas Sebrecht nsebrecht at piing.fr
Tue Nov 22 10:53:53 EST 2011

The 22/11/11, Rodrigo Amorim Bahiense wrote:
> On 11/22/2011 13:36, Taylor Hedberg wrote:

> >You can't seriously be suggesting that switching to Haskell would
> >increase the size of the pacman developer pool.

Notice I didn't support Haskell. I'm talking about high-level languages
in general. Not all of these languages are widely used nor very scalable
for a package manager.

> >                                                                     I
> >don't think there's any compelling reason to rewrite pacman in another
> >language.

I already gave some good reasons in this thread, though.

> Code language should not be chosen based on popularity. C is used in
> most unix-like software because of its quality and not as a
> consequence of the available developer pool for it.

I tend to agree.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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