[arch-general] pacman new generation

Piyush P Kurur ppk at cse.iitk.ac.in
Tue Nov 22 11:08:11 EST 2011

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 04:53:53PM +0100, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> The 22/11/11, Rodrigo Amorim Bahiense wrote:
> > On 11/22/2011 13:36, Taylor Hedberg wrote:
> > >You can't seriously be suggesting that switching to Haskell would
> > >increase the size of the pacman developer pool.
> Notice I didn't support Haskell. I'm talking about high-level languages
> in general. Not all of these languages are widely used nor very scalable
> for a package manager.

Many here will agree to almost all the points that you raised about
Haskell. However the way the you introdued might have irked some.

Here is how one would go about suggesting such a changes:

"Hi folks I was interested to know whether implementing rollbacks like
NixOS is interesting for people here. Since I feel that C is too low
level as a first step  I am attempting a port of pacman to Haskell.
The code is available under darcs at http://somewhere.org/me/
Patches are welcome. The current version does nothign but prints
package meta info.



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