[arch-general] console-kit session not activates properly

Myra Nelson myra.nelson at hughes.net
Fri Nov 25 12:17:31 EST 2011

2011/11/25 János Illés <ijanos at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I have a bit of a trouble with proper policy-kit settings. I’m running
> a standalone openbox session for desktop usage. For login I have a
> simple script in my .zprofile file, which will start the X server if I
> log in from the first virtual terminal (which is what I’m doing 99% of
> the time).
>  if [[ `tty` == "/dev/tty1" ]]; then    startx &!    logout  fi
> my xinitrc is the following:
>   exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch openbox-session
> The problem is that in the X session the consolekit session’s is-local
> and active properties are FALSE hence the removable device automount
> breaks (I guess it could affect other things I dont use)
> If I start the X server with startx manually from the tty2 after
> logging in, both values will be TRUE and device automounting works
> fine.
> Should I switch to a proper login manager or is there a quick/easy fix
> for this?
> --
> J.


I'm having a similar problem. Check your boot log to see if dbus started
properly. I'm having some of the same problems and am gathering info from
logs etc. If dbus failed try to start it with
[ sudo /etc/rc.d/dbus start ] see if automounting works, it did for me.


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