[arch-general] No FFMPEG/LibAV for Audacity?

Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Sun Nov 27 17:46:59 EST 2011

Yes, via AUR.  The AUR version recompiled fine, but in the preferences 
when run, it says that it is compiled without FFMPEG support.

> On 11/28/2011 12:34 AM, Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:
>> I tried every combination of repo and AUR versions of Audacity, FFMPEG,
>> and LibAV libraries, and I was not able to find a way to give Audacity
>> the file named libavformat.so.52 which it wants to much.  So far as I
>> have been able to tell, all of the versions of FFMPEG and LibAV either
>> don't compile or produce libavformat.so.53, which the available versions
>> of Audacity won't touch.
>> Anyone have a solution?  I would try Ubuntu deb's, but I am concerned
>> with introducing more conflicts instead of eliminating just one!
> have you actually tried to recompile audacity?

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