[arch-general] pacman/libalpm/libfetch do not honor TMPDIR

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Mon Nov 28 18:04:46 EST 2011

On 11/25/2011 11:55 AM, Leonid Isaev wrote:
> Actually, what is stupid is keeping /tmp in RAM. It is an important dir, where
> you might have an valuable info in case of a system crash. I could never
> understand the logic behind this choice.

Actually, I think it makes a lot of sense.  It lets you truly use it as 
a repository for "temporary" files.  Any files written there will get 
automatically wiped out at the next boot.

I do this routinely on all my boxes.  In addition, any files that I 
download I put in /tmp.  If it turns out to be important, I copy it 
elsewhere.  Else, it's automatically gone at the next reboot.

Contrast that with my Windows machine, where I have a "temp" folder on 
disk that I use for the same purpose.  I have to always remember to go 
back and delete files from there when I'm finished with them.


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