[arch-general] /usr is not mounted. This is not supported.

Leif Warner abimelech at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 14:51:41 EDT 2011

So a convention continuously in use longer than I've been alive is dropped,
and the notification for this is tucked in the init script that you get to
see on your next (broken) reboot?
I had just partioned and set up an Arch system with seperate /usr, /var,
/tmp,  and /home partitions, as always, last week.
A little heads-up might've been nice.  At the very least, a message in the
.install script to get notified on upgrade would be helpful.
And yes, things are more broken than before: minilogd was moved from /sbin
to /usr/sbin.

Any other changes that drop boot support coming down I should know about?


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