[arch-general] SOLVED: udev-174-1 problem (Re: [arch-dev-public] [signoff] udev-174-1)

clemens fischer ino-news at spotteswoode.dnsalias.org
Thu Oct 27 04:24:17 EDT 2011

On Tue-2011/10/25-14:56 clemens fischer wrote:

> My system broke with udev-174-1.  I have rules renaming eth* according
> to their MACs for consistency, guarding against dependency on
> order-of-detection, plus rules to customize a wlan running on an USB
> device.  These rules didn't run.

The initcpio (mkinitcpio(8)) on my homegrown initramfs image was
udev-173, which didn't match the udev-174 in the "full" system.

I didn't expect this, because I don't have any custom hooks or udev
rules besides my "simple-atomatics" one, which is only one rule not
interfering with anything else.  The initramfs is all archlinux, so to

Yesterday I compiled the new 3.0.8 stable kernel, and the script also
invoked mkinitcpio(8), which eventually puts the new udev-174 into the
initramfs image.  Thereafter the udev in the image and on the full
system match, and my problem was gone  8-).


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