[arch-general] /usr is not mounted. This is not supported.

Dwight Schauer dschauer at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 10:00:39 EDT 2011

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 3:38 AM, clemens fischer wrote:
> Dwight Schauer wrote:
>> My root= on my kernel boot line is using /dev/by-uuid/ so if the
>> initramfs can find the root device, I'm sure it can find the /usr
>> device from the rootfs /etc/fstab.
>> I've not noticed any breakage on all my system's that have a seperate
>> /usr, apart from the message doing boot.
> Don't you have a boot message saying "minilogd not found" or somesuch?

I don't see that in /var/log/boot. I do see the "/usr is not mounted.
This is not supported." in /var/log/boot.

> On the other hand, rc.sysinit also invokes /sbin/bootlogd, which leaves
> most of the interesting stuff in var/log/boot, so this would be an
> academic exercise ...

And this works even with a separate /var, but that is beside the point.

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