[arch-general] /usr is not mounted. This is not supported.

clemens fischer ino-news at spotteswoode.dnsalias.org
Sat Oct 29 18:22:57 EDT 2011

Thomas Bächler wrote:

> Your system has two versions of libc.so.6: A 32 bit and a 64 bit version
> (/usr/lib32/libc.so.6 vs. /lib/libc.so.6), and your script cannot
> distinguish them. Actually, using readelf, this is not so easy to solve:
> 1) A 64 bit binary always loads only 64 bit libraries, so the ELF class
> of the library can help.
> 2) The length of the address at the beginning of the line is 64 bit
> here, not 32 bit.

I used the ELF "Class:" line of "readelf -h".  Missing-libs.sh works


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