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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Oct 28 12:52:08 EDT 2011

Am 28.10.2011 18:39, schrieb Peter Lewis:
> On Fri, 28 Oct 2011, Evangelos Foutras wrote:
>>>>> Archlinux Changes:
>>>>> - $(uname -r) reports now the full kernel version
> Interesting... can someone clarify what's going on with this? I was under the
> impression that under the new versioning scheme some versions would only have
> two numbers now, e.g.  3.0. Is this not the case any more and we will always
> have a third number? Is this an Arch specific thing or an upstream thing?

The 3.1.0 is upstream. Our new versioning scheme is:
 <upstream version number>-<Arch Linux pkgrel>-ARCH
I am a bit confused though, as I thought it should be '3.1', then
'3.1.1' and so on, but '3.1' is '3.1.0' instead, at least internally.

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