[arch-general] zsh and ssh just fills my RAM, not doing anything else

Rasmus Steinke rasi at xssn.at
Sat Oct 29 05:41:28 EDT 2011

I have a very nasty problem, which started around the time, arch 
changed its locale configuration.

i cannot use ssh in a zsh session. All it does is filling my RAM until 
the computer stalls.
If i run the very same ssh command in a bash session, all is working 

I tried with blank config files too - here it gets even more odd.
With a blank config file it has the same problem in gnome-terminal, but 
suddenly works in urxvt.

This is very annoying, since i dont like bash too much, but i am forced 
to use it now.
Also i  have absolute NO plan where to start searching for this issue.

Regards, Rasi

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