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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Oct 31 08:11:31 EDT 2011

Am 31.10.2011 12:54, schrieb Geert Hendrickx:
> Appears to work fine, however I noticed a change in cryptsetup status output:
>  /dev/mapper/cryptswap is active.
>    type:    PLAIN
>    cipher:  aes-cbc-essiv:sha256
> -  keysize: 256 bits
> +  keysize: 0 bits
>    device:  /dev/xvda1
>    offset:  0 sectors
>    size:    2097152 sectors
> (both on the existing crypted partition and after re-configuring it using
> the newer cryptsetup)
> Is this to be worried about?

I can't reproduce this here:

/dev/mapper/pv is active and is in use.
  type:    LUKS1
  cipher:  aes-xts-plain
  keysize: 384 bits
  device:  /dev/sda2
  offset:  3016 sectors
  size:    625034984 sectors
  mode:    read/write

Your output seems wrong, but if everything works, I wouldn't worry. Can
anyone else see this?

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