[arch-general] Recently orphaned [community] packages, TUs should take a look if they might be interested in adopting them.

Thomas Dziedzic gostrc at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 17:19:52 EDT 2011


I recently went over all my packages in community, and have decided to
orphan the following due to lack of interest and because I haven't
used them in a long time

celt - Low-latency audio communication codec
extrema - Extrema is a powerful visualization and data analysis tool.
ghdl - A complete VHDL simulator, using GCC technology.
gnofract4d - A fractal browser with PyGTK gui
grass - Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data
management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production,
spatial modeling, and visualization.
gtkwave - A wave viewer which reads LXT, LXT2, VZT, GHW and VCD/EVCD files
gts - GNU Triangulated Surface Library.
luakit - luakit is a highly configurable, micro-browser framework
based on the WebKit web content engine and the GTK+ toolkit."Stable"
mpdscribble - An mpd client which submits track info to last.fm
netbeans - Netbeans IDE development platform.
protege - Free, open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework
wordpress - Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

All of them are working as far as I know, and they have no outstanding
bugs except a couple which are in the list of pushing the .desktop
file upstream https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/23387 (already reported)
and luakit has an extremely minor upstream bug
https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/25761 which is also reported.


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