[arch-general] netcfg wlan connection renewal

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Sep 28 16:52:42 EDT 2011

Am 28.09.2011 14:33, schrieb Philipp Überbacher:
> Excerpts from Thomas Bächler's message of 2011-09-28 13:14:06 +0200:
>> Am 28.09.2011 11:53, schrieb Philipp:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I use netcfg for my university wlan (eduroam). It works fine for a while
>>> but after a couple of minutes I get disconnected and need to reconnect
>>> manually. I think that happens pretty regularly, so I assume that some
>>> kind of connection renewal doesn't work for some reason. Any idea what
>>> could be wrong, how to fix it or how to reconnect automatically?
>> No idea why this might go wrong. I suggest you use net-auto-wireless,
>> that will handle everything gracefully.
> Thanks, I'll try that.
> It's important to me that wlan is completely disabled when ethernet is
> available. I hope this is possible. I'll tell how it went sometime next
> week when university starts.

I use the following script with ifplugd:


[ "$1" = "eth1" ] || exit 0

case "$2" in
    /etc/rc.d/net-auto-wireless stop
    sleep 1
    /usr/bin/netcfg lan
    /usr/bin/netcfg -d lan
    sleep 1
    /etc/rc.d/net-auto-wireless start
    exit 1

exit 0

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