[arch-general] Parallels 7 Tools

Alex Speder alex.speder at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 22:02:39 EDT 2012

Not to butt in, but this tickled my memory and made me think of this:
https://github.com/organik/Parallels-for-Arch-Linux which seems to not
have been touched in 5 months but I believe attempts to tackle the
problem you're having.  I don't have time to mess around with this
right now, but https://github.com/organik/Parallels-for-Arch-Linux/blob/master/installer/pm.sh
might be a good starting point if you're feeling like getting your
hands dirty (changes the package manager script to work with pacman).

Of course, the other option would be to force the requirements check
in install-kmod.sh to return true and find and fix the resulting
errors.  This seems painful and non-optimal, however.
Alex Speder
alex.speder at gmail.com

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