[arch-general] shebang for python scripts

Ralf Schmitt ralf at systemexit.de
Sat Apr 14 15:01:30 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I've opened https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/28881 "meld uses wrong
shebang" some time ago. The description reads:

| meld uses "#! /usr/bin/env python2" as shebang. It should use "#!
| /usr/bin/python2".

The bug has been closed as "Not a bug" and "Works fine as-is". I've
tried to reopen it, which has been denied, with the following comment:

| Reason for denial:
| Avoid using virtualenvs or install pygtk in them.

The above is not a "reason for denial" but a workaround, and strictly
speaking a bad workaround. A good workaround would be to "put no custom
paths in front of the archlinux provided paths in PATH".

I really do think the user should be able to install custom python
versions in his home directory (be it through virtualenv or by compiling
from sources) and put them in front of PATH without breaking random
python scripts in /usr/bin.

Generally I'm quite impressed by the good decisions and great work being
made by the archlinux developers, but in this case I'm deeply
disappointed and can't really understand the rationale behind this

Can someone explain it to me please? Please also explain why some
programs do have a /usr/bin/python2 shebang and some don't!


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