[arch-general] Broken DBus

Kacper Żuk kacper.b.zuk at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 16:32:22 EDT 2012

W dniu 15.04.2012 17:22, mlell08 pisze:
> Hello,
> I had a problem with dbus shortly. The error messagtes were of the kind
> "file not found: /var/dbus/system_bus_socket" However, I use systemd (an
> init replacement using parallel and on-demand loading of system
> services) and have no idea whether this is somehow related.

I don't use systemd so it can't be related.

> Good luck!

Thanks. I've managed to track down the problem. pacman -Qk showed 
missing files in consolkit package. Reinstalling consolekit fixed the 
issue. I have no idea how that happened though... I guess it was my 
fault, as always ;).

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