[arch-general] findutils and locate

Martti Kühne mysatyre at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 17:49:45 EDT 2012

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 05:51:36PM +0100, P .NIKOLIC wrote:
> Hi ..
> Yes it is there  ..
> -rw-r-----  1 root locate 7868436 Apr 15 13:48 mlocate.db 
> Doing a strings on the file  it contains the expected data but  i still
> get no files show up when i try locate filename  even if the file is
> listed in the db  and it Actually exists on the drive and is good 

is the data up to date after updatedb?

Actually, no it's not.

the header of mlocate.db is tested on configuration changes, described in [1].
Likely, configuration has changed with a recent update, so your problem would
possibly have been fixed right after you looked into "man mlocate.db"

I am just confused to find you never having had this problem before...?


[1] http://linux.die.net/man/5/mlocate.db

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