[arch-general] Why chsh behaviour differs from specified in manpage?

Paul Gideon Dann pdgiddie at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 10:30:01 EDT 2012

On Wednesday 25 Apr 2012 01:20:05 Dmitry S. Kravtsov wrote:
> So this it's either a bug in chsh or in its documentation. Does anyone has
> the same problem?

It seems to be working OK for me.  I'm asked for my password, and then the 
shell is changed in /etc/passwd.

> By the way, is it a typo in manpage: "for her own account"? Who is "her"?
> if we talk about user, there should be "his". But maybe I'm wrong, since
> english is definitely not my native language.

Some people like to use "her" instead of "him", but it's relatively rare.  I 
think some do this as a philosophical statement of gender equality, but I 
expect there are other reasons too.


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