[arch-general] Secure Boot Support

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Dec 5 04:36:46 EST 2012

Am 05.12.2012 00:57, schrieb kristof:
> I actually just bought a new laptop with secure boot capable UEFI, and
> if a generous developer could just release an iso with both the shim and
> grub-efi installed, then I (and the other Christoph) would gladly try it
> on our own machines.

Use archiso to create the ISO yourself, then submit patches.

> As far as I know, the only bootloader that the shim currently supports
> right now is GRUB2, because the shim is actually coded so that grub will
> call back to the shim to check the MOK list before it boots the kernel.

As far as I understand, you can just place any signed EFI file as
grubx64.efi, not just GRUB. Integration of the bootloader into MOK is

We don't understand what to do here at all. That's why we the developer
who will be packaging these things needs access to such a machine
himself. I'd really have fun figuring this out, but I currently don't
want to spend money on a new computer.

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