[arch-general] crypttab support for non-root devices with systemd

Karol Babioch karol at babioch.de
Sat Dec 8 20:12:39 EST 2012


Am 08.12.2012 22:06, schrieb Dave Reisner:
> Without posting it, I have no idea.

Basically it looks like this:

raid           /dev/sdb1        "xxx"

In this setup "/dev/sdb1" is a encrypted block device. Its not the one
mentioned in the beginning, but the situation is quite similar. "xxx" is
the passphrase.

This worked just fine with the "old" initscripts. Maybe I'm missing
something, but from my understanding of the appropriate man page it
should actually work?

> You've not mentioned the behavior you expect, either.

Right now I get asked for the passphrase during boot. I would like this
dialog to disappear. I would like to have the device unlocked, activated
and mounted automatically. For the time being I would like to use
"lvm-on-crypt", only to be replaced with "lvm-monitoring" once it hits
the official repositories.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,
Karol Babioch

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