[arch-general] How to remember password and workgroup when connecting to Windows 7 share?

Ardo Gorria ardo.gorria at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 10:00:29 EST 2012


I am new to Arch Linux but not to Linux as a whole. I'd be grateful for any
advice on how to store the password as follows:-

I am running an up to date Arch Linux system and have set up XFCE 4.1. As
per the wiki I have installed gvfs-smb. I can browse my network from Thunar
1.6.1 and can access windows shares perfectly. When prompted I enter my
username, workgroup and password and also click the radio button to
'remember forever' the password. The session is fine and I can copy files
back and forward perfectly.

However, after a reboot or unmounting the share, I am prompted to re-enter
the Domain/Workgroup and also the password.

Can anyone point me to how I can get the system to memorise these fields? I
have gnome keyring installed, so I'm guessing it could be permissions or
something else I haven't thought of.

Grateful for any advice.


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