[arch-general] Kmail 2 problems

Paul Gideon Dann pdgiddie at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 06:17:14 EST 2012

On Wednesday 01 Feb 2012 08:44:25 P Nikolic wrote:
> I am getting the following error on mail check
> Local Folders: Error opening:
> This folder is missing .
> I also get complaints about unable to delete (long number) on Kmail2 startup
> not sure if it is related but i have also had big problems with Akondai when
> trying to add my saved calenders  with warnings of file on disc has been
> changed writing backup file  i wound up with over 3000 files in a few  mins
>  had hell of a job dealing with that

Assuming you're using IMAP email, and are beyond caring about filters & other 
account-specific options, I'd suggest closing KMail, deleting the e-mail 
account using AkonadiTray (or "Personal Information" in System Settings), and 
then stopping and starting Akonadi (using AkonadiTray) before adding the 
account again.

That helped me when I ran into issues when I first switched to KMail 2.


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