[arch-general] Old pkgbuilds need to be removed from abs tree

Don deJuan donjuansjiz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 18:18:23 EST 2012

On 02/01/2012 09:32 AM, sitquietly wrote:
> I've noticed that /var/abs/extra still contains kdeutils and kdeaccessibility,
> with PKGBUILDs for the old 4.7.4 version.  Those have been replaced in
> kde 4.8.0 with a set of packages kdeutils-* and kdeaccessibility-*
> The obsolete directories should be removed from abs/extra.
> I build all packages from source code on my system using my own set of
> scripts.  For example a daily update is
>     pacman -Qqu | order | unify | build --merge --edit --save
> so I'm the guy to notice garbage in the abs tree (my scripts read the
> PKGBUILDs in the abs tree and my own tree to build a database of
> dependencies, including make deps, providers, splits, and package groups).
> It has happened once in a while that an updated PKGBUILD doesn't show
> up in abs, or is missing files, without manual intervention on someone's part.
> I've filed bug reports against several such packages, which seem to mystify the
> package maintainer, who then tells some other guy that there is NO problem
> with his package, who apparently moves the missing stuff into abs and makes
> me happy. , It also happens as with kdeutils and kdeaccessibility, that an
> obsolete directory is not removed from abs.
> It seems that the process for syncing the abs tree to the master repository
> needs fixing.
> The ABS, providing the build scripts for all packages, is a key feature of
> Archlinux for me and I greatly appreciate the work required to make it
> available.
Any chance you would be willing to share the script? Just curious to see 
it as there are some packages I would like to build on my system and got 
tired of doing it all manually.


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