[arch-general] moving away from gnome

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 14:24:25 EST 2012

On 02/25/2012 07:22 PM, Jesse Juhani Jaara wrote:
> lauantai, 25. helmikuuta 2012 20:19:31 Jan Steffens kirjoitti:
>> Probably gnome-settings-daemon
> The GNOME Settings Daemon is responsible for setting various parameters of a
> GNOME Session and the applications that run under it.
> Short: is the GConf X settings daemon.
> Sure it launches that but is totally irrelevant here, it only manages Gnome's
> settings, just like the name suggests :D

Alright good, then I'll shut down all these things, fire up awesome and 
try to
get everything working..
But another thing, is there a way to find out what command is exactly run
when pressing things in the gnome-panel?
(For example when I launch suspend from the gnome-panel, what is it 

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