[arch-general] Country Name (ISO-3116) Issues

Jason Ryan jasonwryan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 03:28:00 EDT 2012

On 02/07/12 at 07:20am, Zero Cho wrote:
> Thanks for your support. You're right. This is not intended to be a
> political debate, so I have been using a neutral word, Taiwan, rather than
> other more official but sensitive, less common name. It's the fact that ISO
> is not reflecting how most of the world see it. ISO does not have authority
> over the country name. ISO does not obligate to reflect how world sees
> things too. I'm not asking for special treatments. I'm just asking you to
> follow the convention created from previous experience to prevent the
> misunderstanding and debates.
As the ISO page clearly states, the country names are sourced from the United

“The country names in ISO 3166 come from United Nations sources. New names and
codes are added automatically when the United Nations publishes new names in
either the Terminology Bulletin Country Names or in the Country and Region Codes
for Statistical Use maintained by the United Nations Statistics Divisions.”

Asking Arch to modify the standard *is* a political act. The whole point of
using a standard for what is an extremely fraught topic (geography and naming
conventions) is to avoid these sorts of issues.

If you have an alternative standard that can be used, please suggest it.

(And please don't top post, it breaks the thread…)



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