[arch-general] Country Name (ISO-3116) Issues

Loui Chang louipc.ist at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 04:20:57 EDT 2012

On Mon 02 Jul 2012 19:28 +1200, Jason Ryan wrote:
> On 02/07/12 at 07:20am, Zero Cho wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks for your support. You're right. This is not intended to be a
> > political debate, so I have been using a neutral word, Taiwan, rather than
> > other more official but sensitive, less common name. It's the fact that ISO
> > is not reflecting how most of the world see it. ISO does not have authority
> > over the country name. ISO does not obligate to reflect how world sees
> > things too. I'm not asking for special treatments. I'm just asking you to
> > follow the convention created from previous experience to prevent the
> > misunderstanding and debates.
> As the ISO page clearly states, the country names are sourced from the United
> Nations:
> “The country names in ISO 3166 come from United Nations sources. New names and
> codes are added automatically when the United Nations publishes new names in
> either the Terminology Bulletin Country Names or in the Country and Region Codes
> for Statistical Use maintained by the United Nations Statistics Divisions.”
> http://www.iso.org/iso/country_codes/country_codes
> Asking Arch to modify the standard *is* a political act. The whole point of
> using a standard for what is an extremely fraught topic (geography and naming
> conventions) is to avoid these sorts of issues.
> If you have an alternative standard that can be used, please suggest it.

An alternative has already been suggested. There's no reason we need to
keep coming back to ISO/UN. I'm not sure what the issue is anymore and
why this can't be fixed. This is silly.

At any rate someone should write to whoever maintains django-countries
and have them fix things on their end. These things could have been
mentioned from the very get-go in the original bug report in discussion
instead of closing the report with zero discussion.

Incidentally the forum post is now closed and hidden from the public.
Great work.

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