[arch-general] Installing to RAID .. cannot reboot

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 17:46:37 EDT 2012

Guus Snijders said the following at 07/03/2012 01:57 PM :

> In the case of fresh install; would it be an option to start over from scratch?

This was a fresh install.

My original problem (lack of /dev/md<n>) was due to an ambiguity in the
English in the various wiki pages.

Once I got past that, I proceeded right through the entire installation
process, start-to-finish, with no obvious error. And then I performed the
#reboot, which is sort-of "do this to make sure it all worked" step at the
very end.

I didn't for a moment think there would be a problem at that stage. But there was.

I am wondering if the problem is something crazy like the fact that the RAID
pair I'm using is on sdc and sdd, and something somewhere is assuming that I'm
using sda and/or sdb (which actually are a RAID1 pair with Kubuntu on them).

I'm thinking about simply pulling the plug on sda and sdb, and performing a
completely fresh install again so that there's no chance whatsoever that at
any point in the process can it go to sda or sdb by mistake.

> I ask this, because then it would be a lot easier to list all the
> neccesary steps one by one and hopefully get it running as wished in
> the first place.
> I'm willing to dig up some spare HDD's to try and get Arch installed
> on a RAID1 array, right from the start, but only if that is what
> you're looking for.

That is indeed what I'm looking for.

Let me try one last time; I don't want to drag any one else into the morass
that I'm currently experiencing unless it's absolutely necessary. I just need
to get my enthusiasm up to the point where I'm willing to spend another hour
or two trying it again.


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