[arch-general] Installing to RAID .. cannot reboot

Guus Snijders gsnijders at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 05:11:09 EDT 2012

2012/7/3 D. R. Evans <doc.evans at gmail.com>:
> Guus Snijders said the following at 07/03/2012 01:57 PM :
>> In the case of fresh install; would it be an option to start over from scratch?
> This was a fresh install.
> I am wondering if the problem is something crazy like the fact that the RAID
> pair I'm using is on sdc and sdd, and something somewhere is assuming that I'm
> using sda and/or sdb (which actually are a RAID1 pair with Kubuntu on them).
> I'm thinking about simply pulling the plug on sda and sdb, and performing a
> completely fresh install again so that there's no chance whatsoever that at
> any point in the process can it go to sda or sdb by mistake.

Hmm, i thought that /etc/mdadm.conf should take care of that.

>> I ask this, because then it would be a lot easier to list all the
>> neccesary steps one by one and hopefully get it running as wished in
>> the first place.
>> I'm willing to dig up some spare HDD's to try and get Arch installed
>> on a RAID1 array, right from the start, but only if that is what
>> you're looking for.
> That is indeed what I'm looking for.
> Let me try one last time; I don't want to drag any one else into the morass
> that I'm currently experiencing unless it's absolutely necessary. I just need
> to get my enthusiasm up to the point where I'm willing to spend another hour
> or two trying it again.

Ok. I guess you'd best contact me off-list if we are going side-by-side.
If/when we find something wrong in the wiki we could report back here.


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