[arch-general] Can't suspend or hibernate

Martin Cigorraga msx at archlinux.us
Wed Jul 4 06:05:43 EDT 2012

On 29 June 2012 08:48, Sébastien le Preste de Vauban <ulpianosonsi at gmail.com
> wrote:

> I can suspend and hibernate but my computer can't boot after a /sudo
> pm-hibernate/. Not sure why, anyway If I unplug it from the power source
> for a couple of seconds,  then it will boot again almost normally
> (sometimes I get a message like /cpu frequency error/ from the bios,
> strangely nothing seems wrong when looking at the bios settings). Maybe the
> hibernating process sets the computer in some bad state.
Mmm, I've seen every kind of weird behaviour with ATX power supplies,
please try this: just for testing purposes switch the power supply for
another one -either a used one or a new one, it doesn't matter- and try to
reproduce the glitch.
The idea behind this is sometimes ATX power supplies 'go dumb' and you need
to fully discharge them in order to reset them (sort of) - that's why it
works right when you unplug it.


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