[arch-general] Free photo scan software with batch process?

Arvid Warnecke arvid at nostalgix.org
Mon Jul 9 01:53:59 EDT 2012


this is not too much Arch related, but maybe there are some analogue
photographers on the list who can give me some hints?
I am looking for a software for my Epson V700 Photo scanner which is
able to scan in batch mode.
I installed iscan last night, which is the official Epson software for
Linux, but it seems to be a bad version of the software for Mac or
Windows. There is no batch mode at all and when I tried to select one
photo from the scanner the selection always moved away and I wasn't able
to move it back to the picture... :(

I know there is VueScan for Linux, but I already tried it for Mac and I
didn't like it at all. The UI lacks any comfort and the results where
pretty bad. I know there are lots of people who use VueScan and are very
happy about it, but it seems that you have to spent much more time with
the tool than I am willing to. I don't take too many analogue photos at
the moment, I work full-time and I have two kids. There is no use for a
software where I have to spent a few weekends until I found the correct
workflow. ;)


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