[arch-general] problems with wifi b43 (broadcom)

Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 17:14:58 EDT 2012

la, 2012-07-14 kello 21:54 +0100, Leonidas Spyropoulos kirjoitti:
> I can't seem to be able to get an IP. I am including the logs as well.
> I tried disabling the ipv6 with no luck (so I revert it).
> I tried with a usb wifi card and it's working fine.
> Any suggestions?
How did you try to get the ip? dhcpcd? Does manually setting ip wok?
Also you need to paste the logs into the message or some pastebin
service, Arch's mailing lists stip out any attachments
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