[arch-general] Joining mp3's --> Floating point exceptionffmpeg

Nelson Marambio nelsonmarambio at gmx.de
Wed Jul 25 14:26:37 EDT 2012

Hi, folks,

for joining audio dramas (d/l from Amazon) which come along in 
MP3-Format I use a short script

mp3wrap tmp.mp3 *.mp3
ffmpeg -i tmp_MP3WRAP.mp3 -acodec copy all.mp3 && rm tmp_MP3WRAP.mp3

It works for half of my books, processing the other half produces this 
error message:

/home/nelson/scripts/mp3_join.sh: line 3: 15295 Floating point 
exceptionffmpeg -i tmp_MP3WRAP.mp3 -acodec copy all.mp3

As to my knowledge the script worked fine for a few months then, I think 
after an update of ffmpeg, the trouble shown above began.

Are the MP3 files corrupt or is this a bug in ffmpeg. I'd say it is a 
bug, because running Windows and MP3 Album Maker it still works fine.

OK, I could keep Windows for this scenario but I try to get away from this.

Does anyone have an advice for me ? Have the suitable parameters for 
ffmpeg changed ? Or is the ffmpeg-call obsolete meanwhile (it seemed to 
be necessary for fixing the audio-header concering track length) ?

Thanks in advance,

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