[arch-general] Systemd +1

Aitor Pazos mail at aitorpazos.es
Wed Jul 25 17:34:38 EDT 2012

Hi everyone!

My experience with systemd is a +1 as well. I use it in my laptop and it 
provides a nice experience for a desktop user. Starting services on demand, 
suspend support and all other features gives a nice experience for an end 

> Maybe it's just my idea but I think the system is somewhat faster on
> the booting now.
True for me as well. From grub to kdm in around 5sec.

Nevertheless, this overall good opinion can't hide certain (or significant I 
might say) worries. Your system now relies in a bunch of binary code that 
might not be posible to workaround if something goes wrong. Scripts may not be 
as efficient but they are great in order to skip,modify or run them in case of  

Logging using systemd infrastructure provides a very pleasent usage experience 
for me as you can very easily select the relevant records you're interested in 
without a lot of grep magic. But I've already suffered the downside of relying 
on binary stored records. In case of system crash/forced shutdown or power 
failure log files might end up corrupted. Which is a pretty nasty thing you 
don't want to happen and it opens a big door to atacks.

I would recomend systemd for interactive users but I don't wan't it in a 
server that much. I can't give an opinion on wether initscripts should be 
dropped or not. 

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