[arch-general] lib -> usr/lib

Damjan gdamjan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 23:13:39 EDT 2012

> If everything is to end up in /usr, then I'd argue that this makes /usr
> superfluous. If merging is to be done, then IMO things should be moved out
> of /usr, not moved in.

well no
the point is to have a single top-level directory for a single purpose.

so distribution provided files will go to /usr, local-system 
configuration in /etc, /run is for runtime state, /var is the 
local-system state (the non-ephemeral state).

Let me paste this here:
The merged directory /usr, containing almost the entire vendor-supplied 
operating system resources, offers us a number of new features regarding 
OS snapshotting and options for enterprise environments for network 
sharing or running multiple guests on one host. Most of this is much 
harder to accomplish, or even impossible, with the current arbitrary 
split of tools across multiple directories.

With all vendor-supplied OS resources in a single directory /usr they 
may be shared atomically, snapshots of them become atomic, and the file 
system may be made read-only as a single unit.

Well, /opt would have to go soon, too


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