[arch-general] lib -> usr/lib

brainworker at lavabit.com brainworker at lavabit.com
Wed Jul 25 23:30:06 EDT 2012

>> If everything is to end up in /usr, then I'd argue that this makes /usr
>> superfluous. If merging is to be done, then IMO things should be moved
>> out
>> of /usr, not moved in.
> well no
> the point is to have a single top-level directory for a single purpose.
> so distribution provided files will go to /usr, local-system
> configuration in /etc, /run is for runtime state, /var is the
> local-system state (the non-ephemeral state).

My variant is:

/lib -> /usr/lib
/bin -> /usr/bin
/sbin -> /usr/bin

After that rename:
/usr to /system
/etc to /config
/dev to /device

Why not using clear (and not so short) names to indicate real purpose!

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