[arch-general] BTRFS USB key fails to boot

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Tue Jul 31 18:57:02 EDT 2012

According to Tom Gundersen:
#Kyle: a btrfs module (in rc.conf or otherwise) should not be necessary.

I didn't think so, since I added btrfs to my HOOKS array in /etc/initcpio.conf right after filesystems, although that may not be necessary either. Better safe than sorry.

#In my experience, life is much easier with /boot on an ext partition
#(I tend to stick with ext2, but that's just because I don't have much
#confidence in boot loaders).

Trying this now. Hopefully it will work. I guess nothing special is needed for /boot, and it mostly does more harm to flash than good to use a journal in such a tight space, so I am also thinking ext2 is best here.

#Also, usind syslinux rather than grub is usually much simpler
#(assuming you don't require some feature that is only required by

As long as syslinux will support installation onto a USB key, and the docs indicate it should work, I may be able to simplify the process by using syslinux. I tried it once the other day and it didn't work either, but I'm thinking I did something wrong in the installation, and I didn't even think to take a picture with my phone. I also wasn't using an ext2 /boot partition then, and I think syslinux works better that way.

#If you have more debug output, you could put picturesup somewhere, and
#I'm sure we could do a better job at interpreting it than Google (I
#didn't even know Google could do that to be honest).

Thanks. The best I got from Google Goggles was interpreted as something like

Welcome to GRUB.
Error: unknown filesystem. Entering rescue mode.

I have already repartitioned the disk to do another install, and the pictures my phone takes in Google Goggles don't stay saved anywhere, but I will put whatever I can get up somewhere if I can't get syslinux working with the ext2 /boot partition. Thanks for the help.
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