[arch-general] /usr/bin/X: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0:

Leonid Isaev lisaev at umail.iu.edu
Sun Jun 3 21:40:48 EDT 2012

On Sun, 3 Jun 2012 23:52:05 +0100
"P .NIKOLIC" <p.nikolic1 at btinternet.com> wrote:

> Hi .
> I have just run  pacman -Suy  rebooted the system and found i could not
> start X   getting the error  message  
> /usr/bin/X: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot
> open shared object file: No such file or directory ..
> Someone has suggested the fixed version of X but it is not showing up
> having done a "pacman -Syyu   no fix i have had to use the dodge
> suggested on the arch linux bbs  of 
> ln -s /usr/lib/libudev.so.1.0.1 /usr/lib/libudev.so.0 
> Yes i know it is not strictly speaking the correct thing

Not only is it not correct, it is plain stupid.

> BUT it got the
> system working again  what i want to know is which mirror is likely to
> have the fixed version of X on it  i can the get back to standard
> system  . 

First, your /usr/bin/Xorg has been linked against an old libudev, so creating
a symlink to a new library will inevitably cause breakage. I suggest reverting
all changes while you can. Second, X is not a critical package and you
shouldn't mess with udev just because X fails to launch.

Regarging working versions, xorg-server 1.12.2 and systemd-tools 184-2 work
together just fine.

Regarding mirrors, kernel.org and rutgers.edu are the ones which I use
interchangeably since ~2009.

> Oh i also noitced that the systemd-udev update has messed the PA sound
> system up 
> Pete .

Leonid Isaev
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