[arch-general] Mailing lists vs Forums

Jeremiah Dodds jeremiah.dodds at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 22:35:15 EDT 2012

Mateusz Loskot <mateusz at loskot.net> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm wondering, what amount of Arch users and developers
> use the mailing lists in comparison to the number of people
> registered to the Arch Forums?
> Can we have some basic mailing lists statistics anywhere posted?
> Personally, I prefer mailing lists, but I noticed the Forums traffic
> is order of magnitude larger than the traffic on the lists.
> Best regards,

I also prefer mailing lists to forums.

The nicest setups I've seen, as far as making sure that relevant people
see relevant topics, have the mailing list and forum be two frontends to
the same set of data. This is a bit of a pain to set up if it's not done
from the get-go, but it's not all that hard of a thing to do.

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