[arch-general] Muting internal speakers

Eric Ryan Jones eric at thetechnojesus.com
Thu Jun 14 17:13:31 EDT 2012

Arch always did that automatically for me.  I do know that you can set up defaults and fallbacks in KDE just like in Windows.  I'm not sure about GNOME, though, as I have used KDE for a while.

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Since the change from Win 7 to Arch there is just one function I really miss up to now. Perhaps someone of you can help me out.

Is it possible that Arch deactivates the internal speakers of my laptop when I plug in my USB-headset and turn input / output to this ?

In Windows I could define the USB headset as default for in-/output so Win made a fallback to internal speakers only when I plugged out the headset again.

It would be really great if Arch was that comfortable too. I know in GNOME there are just two clicks to do for switching to another audio hardware but ... :D

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