[arch-general] Black screen with linux-3.4.2

Karol Babioch karol at babioch.de
Fri Jun 15 09:27:23 EDT 2012


to be honest, I didn't want to start a discussion about the nouveau
driver vs. the Nvidia one.

Am 15.06.2012 14:49, schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> Dunno if you ask, because you do development for the driver or the
> kernel.
No, if I would, I probably wouldn't have to ask ;).

Am 15.06.2012 14:49, schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> For all people who want a stable desktop, nouveau IMO seldom is
> a good choice.
I made the opposing experience within the last couple of years several
times. nouveau works out of the box and does integrate with the rest of
the system quite well.

The proprietary blob made some issues with switching between X and TTY
for my setup the last time I tried.

From my experience nouveau is just not as good as the Nvidia one when it
comes down to 3D performance and/or energy management. Hopefully this
will get better in future releases ;).

However the problem remains :(.

Best regards,
Karol Babioch

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