[arch-general] Muting internal speakers

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Fri Jun 15 21:36:35 EDT 2012

Am Sat, 16 Jun 2012 08:23:54 +0800
schrieb Oon-Ee Ng <ngoonee.talk at gmail.com>:

> Your "facts" are opinions and assumptions, mostly about putting words
> in the mythical "pulse fanboy's" mouth. Not to mention totally
> unhelpful to the discussion.

I would say, your nonsense is unhelpful. And my "facts" are facts. Just
read them again, and read all other discussions about questions or
problems regarding PA, and you will see it.

Those people, who always mention PA as their first and ultimate
suggestions without thinking about it - if it really helps, if it
really doesn't add additional problems, if it's really useful or
necessary for the questioner -, who always say that PA can't have any
bugs and can't cause any problems are just fanboys, because this all
is just nonsense.

If PA works for you, go for it. But if it works for you, doesn't mean,
that PA is generally good. And its super-duper features are in most
cases just unnecessary.

You should really think about that, before you write such a stuff and
call other people a troll.

> Your previous email indicated sounds could be heard, but only stereo
> sound. Afaik that's the case for most 5.1 and all 7.1 cards. How is
> that different from cups not supporting advanced options in my
> printer? Because pulse is the only existing sound server?

It's different, because those professional audio cards are not stereo
sound cards and are not meant for that. And with the users being forced
to install and use PA, professional users just can't use these audio
cards and can't do their job in the worst case. That's the difference.
And, btw., this crippling down to a stereo sound card didn't work for me
either if I recall correctly.

Buy such an audio card and try it yourself, and you will see. Or ask
all the other pro-audio users who need such audio cards. They all will
tell you the same. In fact they already did.

> You can't and won't use pulse, fine, just don't use it. Jack or pure
> alsa still work.

I don't use PA, and I don't use GNOME. But there are people who
like GNOME and want to use it, but they can't use it, at least not
always that easily, because PA is installed as a dependency.

As David just mentioned, it seems to be possible meanwhile to uninstall
PA. Nevertheless it's more than annoying having PA installed as a
dependency, if PA is indeed not a real dependency for GNOME anymore.

But when I tried PA it was not possible to use pure ALSA anymore. It
was just crap.

> Just stop pretending that your arbitrary criteria
> for pulse is in any way an inalienable truth. Just to summarize, it
> seems your two main gripes are lack of support for semi pro cards and
> being "forced" to use it. The former is not likely to change, the
> latter is patently untrue seeing as how you are already not using it.

Not untrue, it's true. I have such an audio card and I tested PA
myself. I bet you don't have such an audio card, you don't know how they
work and you haven't tested PA with them. So who should stop pretending
anything? You or me?


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