[arch-general] Muting internal speakers

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Jun 18 12:50:25 EDT 2012

On Mon, 2012-06-18 at 10:43 -0400, Ray Kohler wrote:
> Try /sys/class/sound/card0 (or card1, or whatever number).

Without USB
spinymouse at precise:~$ ls /sys/class/sound
card0  card2      controlC1  dmmidi   dmmidi2  midi   midi2     midiC1D0
pcmC0D0c  pcmC1D0c  pcmC2D0c  seq
card1  controlC0  controlC2  dmmidi1  hwC0D0   midi1  midiC0D0  midiC2D0
pcmC0D0p  pcmC1D0p  pcmC2D0p  timer
With USB
spinymouse at precise:~$ ls /sys/class/sound
card0  card3      controlC2  dmmidi1  hwC0D0  midi2     midiC1D0
pcmC0D0c  pcmC1D0p  seq
card1  controlC0  controlC3  dmmidi2  midi    midi3     midiC2D0
pcmC0D0p  pcmC2D0c  timer
card2  controlC1  dmmidi     dmmidi3  midi1   midiC0D0  midiC3D0
pcmC1D0c  pcmC2D0p


Should be ok for the needs of the OP, since he doesn't need just one
special device.

I was thinking of another issue that happens to rtirq users. Some unique
names changed, e.g. ICE1712 became ice1, so we can't distinguish between
ICE1712 and ICE1724 anymore to set up the prio for soft IRQs and even
for other cards rtirq settings needs to be different for different
kernel versions.

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