[arch-general] Arch as a web server

Kevin Chadwick ma1l1ists at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 11:50:38 EDT 2012

> I have a once-a-month scheduled reboot to take care of kernel upgrades.  I 
> hold back linux and udev, because they tend to rely on each other.

I would have thought you could schedule a reboot via at that very night
for 4 in the morning or something. The reason I say this is that apart
from obvious security problems that get immediate media attention.
Kernel security problems often take weeks to filter through to published
security vulnerabilities partly due to Linus saying "a bugs a bug", no
effort is put into identifying them by kernel devs. On OpenBSD you don't
need to update the kernel because it's rock solid but unfortunately
there is no auto update either, otherwise I would be jumping up and
down telling you to use that.

>> Can you please elaborate how you manage the regular updates, especially
>> kernel, udev, glibc etc. Do you hold back the upgrades to packages which
>> require a restart?
> This is exactly how I handle kernel updates. Afaik glibc and udev
> updates don't require reboot.
>>> gt pointed here a good point who honestly refrains me a litle bit from 
>>> using Arch, even if I feel comfortable with this distro and its
>>> community.

Kernel upgrades and so reboots apply to all Linux variants so I don't
see how it affects your choice.

There must be a pure web server distro with a stripped down


 Why not do something good every day and install BOINC.

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