[arch-general] Campaign against Secure Boot

Kevin Chadwick ma1l1ists at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 25 18:18:01 EDT 2012

> Yep, no issue for me, my mobos will be based on Intel or AMD.

IMO it's not mainly about you or me, though I'm all for making it
easier to use your own keys, heck I can build my own hardware and I
expect BIOS choice will be the answer. 

I ask myself would it have stopped me using Unix. Probably not, putting
a smoothwall firewall in is what pulled me in and it was full of
unpatched holes when I put it in too and was owned pretty quick (before
ipcop came along, switched to that but then landed on OpenBSD after
reports from others of their ipcop being owned and many PDFs).

Depending how easy it is to control. It may well have stopped me
trying out the countless livecds though and I wonder what difference
that may have made. Just reduced knowledge or worse? Then I ask, will
it make someone less stubborn and determined go back to Windows. I'm
guessing it may prevent me letting friends have the choice
or a backup OS on their laptops after I fix them.

I'm sure UEFI will evolve in the right direction though by hook or by
crook. Is it too late to start off without major issue?


 Why not do something good every day and install BOINC.

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