[arch-general] Arch as a web server

d4n1 d4n1h4ck at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 08:40:13 EDT 2012

I'm has used the archlinux in all. My servers are running firewall, web,
bd, proxy, DNS, dhcp and others. I'm used politics of update/upgrade, and
mark some packages to not update/upgrade. I'm used only the oficial mirror
in the pacman. I'm removed compilers and run hardenings.
On Jun 26, 2012 9:31 AM, "Martin Cigorraga" <msx at archlinux.us> wrote:

> Hi guys, may be you'll find ArchServer an interesting project, you'll find
> more here:
> www.archserver.org.
> The idea behind this project is to create a rock-solid,
> server-oriented Arch flavor ready for
> mass deployment with all the pros we love about Arch -easy to maintain,
> lightweight,
> ultra-stable, a joy to use, you know, The Arch Way- plus a well tested
> repositories to
> ensure no unexpected surprises (!) and the least manual intervention
> possible while
> remaining %100 Arch-compatible.
> While the project have been around for quite some time, the lack of people
> involved together
> with real-life matters of it's lead devs and mantainers made Arch Server
> slide into an
> induced sleep for some time... until now.
> In my last email exchange with Daniel (aka ShadowBranch, current AS
> maintainer), about a
> month ago, he made clear it's matter of time until the project is up and
> fully running again -
> undoubtedly he is not having the necessary spare time to setup everything
> again and relaunch
> the project.
> So if you think ArchServer have any worthiness or is something interesting
> -personally I would
> _love_ to have a specific server-flavor of Arch- head on to the ML section
> and subscribe
> yourselves so you don't miss the grand reopening.
> P.S.: I know this may sound like a cheap NTM[0]/sell speach but it's
> not! I'm just a fan of the
> idea of having a server edition of AL ready to deploy and forgot about it
> because Arch rocks
> and I don't really want to work with any other distros that isn't
> Arch-centric; also I find inefficient
> to have to learn the ways of other distros -which I don't like how they do
> things- in order to
> work with a production server.
> For now I set up my Arch Linux server boxes by hand as the next archer
> does, but I'm sure it
> would be plain awesome to have an Arch branch specifically fitted for the
> server role, it could
> save me countless hours on deployment, management, testing, servicing,
> etc., and I'm sure
> it can do the same for all the rest of the archers :)
> [0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_marketing
> Cheers!

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