[arch-general] GDM is unable to choose language

Rodrigo Rivas rodrigorivascosta at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 16:48:03 EDT 2012

Hello, list!

After the recent upgrade to GNOME 3.6 I've been having weird characters in
the gnome-terminal. For example, if I run "pstree" the tree lines are all
changed into ????.

After some debugging I traced the problem to a bogus GDM_LANG value
(en_GB.utf8) passed to the session launcher by GDM. The curious thing is
that the GDM greeter doesn't show any control to choose the language...
it's making it up! That locale doesn't even exist in my machine.

Now, I can change the LANG variable back to a sane value in a
"/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/01-fix-language" script, but that is just a hack.

So, two questions remains:

1. Doesn't the GDM greeter have a language chooser any more?
2. From where is GDM reading the GDM_LANG value?

Thank you in advance.

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