[arch-general] Setting prefered voice for espeakup

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Wed Nov 7 17:09:26 EST 2012

According to Tom Gundersen:
# The reason we don't want to be using/etc/conf.d/* is that it is
# Arch-specific, and hopefully we will one day be using a service file
# provided by upstream, which would not know anything about conf.d.

Oh thanks Tom. Good to know I did the right thing after all. I knew 
conf.d was Arch-specific, but I thought I still needed to take the 
command tail from that file. This also answers the question of whether 
or not arguments can be passed to the daemon started by ExecStart= in a 
copied service file. So in the example given by the OP, the ExecStart 
line should look like

ExecStart=/usr/bin/espeakup --default-voice=en-us

and then the edited file should be saved to 
/etc/systemd/espeakup.service. Did I get this right, or does the 
symbolic link in 
/etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/espeakup.service need to be 
removed and replaced with the copy of the file with the modified 
ExecStart= line?

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