[arch-general] pacman error: target not found

Mathias Huber huber at mathiashuber.de
Sat Nov 10 11:16:35 EST 2012

Dear Archers,

I've been a happy Arch Linux user for years, but now I'm having trouble 
updating. Can anyone help?

[root at archlinux huber]# pacman -Syu
:: Synchronizing package databases...
:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace libwebkit with extra/webkitgtk2? [Y/n]
resolving dependencies...
looking for inter-conflicts...
warning: removing 'libgl' from target list because it conflicts with 
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: nouveau-dri: requires libgl=9.0
[root at archlinux huber]# pacman -R nouveau-dri
error: target not found: nouveau-dri

How do I resolve this?


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